Monday, April 15, 2013

Solo Mama Weekend- Soli Deo Gloria

We've almost survived our 5 days without Daddy weekend!  The team is traveling home from Kenya today! I usually dread solo mama weeks- but this has been such a sweet weekend!  Glory to God alone!  He has been so near.  So, thank you to those who have been praying! 

counting the gifts.  He is a Good Giver.
  • roses before he left
  • safety as they traveled
  • Cafe Roma- pizza, chai, trampoline, a good book
  • Happy kids. Happy mama.
  • Bread and Wine.  by Shauna Niequist.  like sitting down on the couch with a kindred spirit and swapping stories. and leaving changed.
  • gorgeous night sky
  • You smiling over me.
  • impromptu play date
  • playdough candy shop keeping kids happy for hours
  • the smell and feel of the chocolate playdough. luxurious.
  • donuts at Bean Cafe.  Happy Saturday!
  • lunch date with a dear friend.  
  • hidden gem of a restaurant. an oasis in the big city.
  • uninterrupted conversation. flowing freely and happily.
  • linguini in pesto sauce
  • good bread and imported butter.
  • Mmmmm... yes that is the name of the dessert.
  • lingering in the parking lot because we could
  • friendship. true and lasting. worth the pain of saying goodbye.

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  1. Praising God for answered prayer with an amazing weekend with your friends and kiddos! This morning during my devotional time I read, "I want all your moments to punctuated with thanksgiving." I immediately thought of you and praised God for how you have been intentional about giving Him thanks for the everyday moments. Bless you, sister!


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