Friday, April 12, 2013

Perks of the Job

our calendar- with playdough covering our leaving date
As much as I want to sit here and complain about how hard it is to be a missionary or how tough it is to watch your kids deny the fact that you're leaving because they will miss their friends... that isn't helpful for me, nor is it a blessing to you.  It's hard.  Most things that matter are.  It's a sacrifice.  But it's a privilege.  

 I don't want to candy coat this, nor do I want to dwell on hardship. 

THIS SONG came on today and stopped me in my tracks.  I'm driving and the tears are streaming down my face.  So I have been hanging out in Hebrews 11:13-16 this morning.  One of the perks of the job is how it forces me to hope for heaven.  There is a day when we don't have to say goodbye!  Hallelujah!

My kids get to grow up trusting Jesus to be their home- they can take their pain to Him- they can find belonging in Him!

I don't get the luxury of comfort.  And that pushes me into the heart of the Comforter.

I get to meet amazing people.  Even if saying goodbye stinks.  My life is richer just from knowing them. 

I get to be a part of something huge, and lasting.

It's hard.  But it's so worth it.

Grateful that He sent a song through my ipod to remind me and refocus me today. 

What are the perks of your job?

Oh, and another perk.  The fresh fruit.  Glory.  Straight from the Father. 


  1. Your family has been on my heart so much lately! Praying for each of you! <3

  2. Love Hebrews 11! A perk for us is the beautiful view of hills from our front door especially in the mornings when the sun is rising.


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