Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One heart...Two Continents...

Left half my heart in Uganda on Wednesday.  It has been hard doing life without my favorite person on the planet.  But I am grateful for all the ways we are growing and stretching in these days.  Jesus is carrying us each in the ways we need Him to.  And the boys are doing great- I don't know what I would do if they were a mess. 

Our travel was SMOOTH.  Thank you- it was only by prayer.  We got to security in London and had just 20 minutes to get to our gate!  And all our luggage made it!  Our God is good.  And we are sleeping through the night- starting at 7:30pm.. but straight through!  Praise Him! 

We're getting ready for my sister's wedding on Saturday- the reason I came home before Josh- and it is going to be a fabulous day! 

Once Wedding Weekend is over I hope to find a new blogging rhythm.  I'm excited to learn alongside you how to "do missions" from this side of the ocean!  There will be tons of resources and challenges, throw-back posts, and family updates. 

The transition has been good; I'm sure there are still waves of good and bad ahead.  Keep praying for us- He is answering!  How can we pray for you?

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  1. So glad you are getting into a somewhat normal routine. I miss the boys like crazy!! I just love how much you and Josh love each other!! Thanks for the update....


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