Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Settling in...

slowly, slowly.... mpola mpola... we're finding our way.  we're settling in to a routine.  we are assessing our needs and finding solutions.

i've felt like we were drowning in mess.  stuff everywhere.  and nowhere to put it.  so a trip {ok, multiple trips} to the store were made.  now the house isn't magically clean, but a few more things have found a home.

it's amazing how, when things find a home, it feels a bit more like home. 


  1. Well those are cute containers :)

    Question....are you in your own home or staying in someone elses?

    We need to get together!!! Have your people call my people :)

  2. Lorraine- we're living with Josh's parents for this year while we raise funds! And I'll be in touch!


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