Monday, June 24, 2013

HMA Begins!

Yesterday was our very first speaking engagement of this Homeland Ministry Assignment! We spent the morning sharing God's story with Scott and Meg at Richwood UMC.  I love that Scott was preaching while holding Benjamin!

It was such a warm welcome!  We have family history at this church, but we were also bringing a praise report of their investment in the ministry in Uganda.  It was a sweet time.

I love how the Holy Spirit orchestrates His Word to His people.  Meg shared of His faithfulness and the faithful prayer of one of their champions during a hard season.  A man in the congregation shared a testimony of God using a forgotten letter of encouragement to change another person's life.  And how he would have missed out on being used, if he hadn't obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  And I wrapped up with a story of a "random" $2000 gift, that matched a $1800 need before we even knew we needed it! 

The Holy Spirit is looking for a body to indwell, and use on this earth for His work.  He only needs willing, faithful, and obedient men and women.  My challenge to you - what is He asking you to do today?  Will you be obedient in that one decision?

Our moments add up.  Every "yes" to God lays a foundation for Him to build on.  And makes future obedience easier!  We will never be ready for our "big moment", if we haven't been cultivating an awareness of His presence and obeying the promptings of His Spirit in the small things!

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