Monday, July 01, 2013

the world sings

the alarm is about to sound.  but i win.  5:57am.  my sneakers are at the end of the bed.  I slept in my running clothes.  so I was without excuse at 6:00am.  2 miles.  some days it feels like drudgery.  other days the world sings and i get to join in the chorus.  today was a symphony. 

counting the gifts. singing His song.

  •  the sun rising to greet the day
  • creatures stirring in morning light
  • praise ringing in my ears
  • my heart beating the staccato of joy
  • flowers turning faces to sun
  • blades a grass bedecked in sparkling jewels
  • how You are calling me to the High Places (this book for Kindle $1.99)
  • the rewards far outweighing the risks
  • friends willing to risk intimacy 
  • a getaway weekend with my man

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