Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five: Ways Delanco Camp Prepared Me...

Delanco Camp Permanent Staff 1998
This post has been percolating in my mind for months now... having grown up at camp... and now having lived on the mission field- I can testify to how the Lord used Delanco Camp to get me ready for the calling He had in store for me!

On summer staff, we worked for 10 weeks of the summer doing various jobs from kitchen staff to horse wrangler and everything in between.   We had to learn how to handle conflict with those you not only work with, but live with!  And so, here is the list of things I learned at Delanco Camp that help me be a better missionary!

  1. How to not only survive, but serve joyfully on little privacy and less sleep. 
  2. How to keep a smile on my face even while I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes!
  3. How to make and serve food for 100+ people (yes, in Uganda we had house guests 40% of our first term, and that doesn't include the various meals we served to visitors and students). 
  4. How to flush/unclog any style of toilet.
  5. The necessity of quiet time with the Lord, even when you have to give up a nap to make that happen. 
Did you ever work on staff at a summer camp?  What lessons did you learn that you still use in your daily life??  Will you pray for us as we serve at Cherry Run Camp Meeting this week, and Portsmouth Camp Meeting next week?

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