Monday, July 29, 2013


We have just been blown away by the kindness of God's people on this whirlwind Summer tour!  After our time at World Gospel Mission Headquarters, we have stayed in three homes in one week, and every single one has been such a blessing.  We really sense God's appointment at each one, where we could be a blessing and receive blessing as well.  The days have been full, but good.

It is sweet to be on this end of hospitality.  We loved our days of opening our home in Uganda and can't wait to get back there and do it some more!  But it is special grace to receive the gift of hospitality on this side of the ocean. 

As an introvert and a pregnant mama, I am beginning to get weary. As I look at the daily schedule for the two camp meetings ahead in these next two weeks, I could easily start feeling overwhelmed.  Or I can lift my eyes up to the hills, from whence my Help comes!  He has filled and appointed each day well so far, and He will continue to do so. 

Counting the gifts... instead of dwelling on the what-ifs
  • friends praying about serving in Uganda
  • excited questions about life in Africa
  • happy kids in a basement full of toys
  • new playmates everywhere we go
  • family fun on a Monday
  • abundant generosity
  • Your joy reflected in Your people
  • how You knit Your body together
  • Delanco Camp friends opening their home
  • a refreshing walk after dinner
  • cooler air after a heat-wave
  • women on this journey with me
  • prayers of Your people carrying us
  • $1 spaghetti dinner- Your people in action
  • a church that welcomes the community
  • space to rest and breathe

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