Monday, July 08, 2013

grace living and moving

i don't know why i struggle so.  the invitation is so sweet, so real- "Come." "In Me you can LIVE, MOVE, and have your BEING." And still i hang back.  still i try to do it myself.  oh, self.  why are you so proud?? 

i want humble.  i want open.  i want to just run to His arms and shout "Yes!". i want to receive.

so, my first step is into solitude. this morning on my walk.

step two is into community.

step three?? i don't know.  that's why i'm so grateful for a community of Jesus-lovers who will hear my struggles, and pray me through them.  leading me straight to Him.

counting on...
  • Your grace. ever extended.
  • Your promises.  
  • Your word.
  • Your women.  community.
  • mercies new every morning.
  • fresh awareness of my sinfulness
  • forgiveness as I come to You.

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