Thursday, July 11, 2013

#tbt Scariest Moment...

**We are at World Gospel Mission Headquarters this week for debriefing and re-entry.  It's a time for returning missionaries to reflect on their term, and look for the hand of God, as they prepare for Homeland Ministry Assignment.  Since it is throwback thursday (#tbt), I figured I would share this post from our first term, which has come up in our reflection process today as the scariest moment of our first two years.**

April 19, 2012
It was one of those scary, exhausting nights- getting out of bed at 2am because Seth was having an asthma attack.  on retreat.  in a town we were unfamiliar with.  He was barking and wheezing, unable to breathe deep.  His finger nails were getting a bluish tint.  We had to get him to a hospital.  Would there be a hospital?  The night guard heard our commotion- Seth sounded bad.  And he brought the night manager.  As soon as he saw Seth he said, let's get in your vehicle.  I'll take you to the hospital.  TIA #1- this man coming with us to the hospital in the middle of the night.

At the hospital they got an IV in Seth on the first try- amazing.  Love gift from Jesus.  And after three medicines, moved us from Triage to a private room.  They were admitting us.  Sweet mama nurse kept praying and saying "God is good.  God is kind. You are a good boy".  Such an encouragement.  TIA #2- the faith and strength of this older Ugandan woman. 

Josh left to get some rest while I "slept" in bed with Seth.  When he called later to see what I needed him to bring, I said- a thermos of chai.  I need sugar and caffeine.  The hotel did not have any small thermoses.  But the restaurant coordinator, Honest, whom I had been working with, sent me chai in her own personal travel mug.  TIA #3- chai sent in her own mug- such generosity of spirit.

I love this country and her people.  Seth is doing fine now- thank you for your prayers that crazy night and day.  God hears and answers!
**edited and reposted from the archives

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