Monday, July 15, 2013

making memories

Road trips have a way of making strong memories.  We left New Jersey at 6am on Tuesday and drove 600 miles to Indiana, stopped half-way for a fabulous visit with new friends and arrived at WGM Headquarters safe and sound at 8pm.

Last week was our Re-Entry/Renewal time.  This week is our Homeland Ministry Assignment workshop- learning how to cultivate solid champions of missions this year!  After that we will stay in three homes in one week, and then we have two back to back Camp Meetings (Cherry Run Camp Meeting, PA and Portsmouth Camp Meeting in RI).  We'll get back home August 9! 

It's fun being on the road as a family.  We laugh about silly things no one else gets.  We create rituals and traditions that are exclusively ours.  We are shaping our family culture.  And I love it!  Our life as missionaries is very nomadic- and so we must learn how to be a family no matter where we are.

I want to make sure that gratitude is part of our family culture.  And so we list and we count, and we whisper thanks as we tuck boys in beds air-mattresses:

  • sun rising over Philadelphia
  • Your presence with us as we drive
  • Your angels guarding our vehicle
  • a sweet family to welcome us
  • boys being boys in the backyard
  • time to stretch our legs and fill our bellies
  • Tom and Jerry.  classic entertainment.
  • little boy giggles in the backseat
  • cousins who understand our life
  • boys all growing together
  • a playground here at headquarters
  • being here in summer (not winter, as usual)
  • family trip to the movie theater
  • meeting new friends
  • how You call us so uniquely and bring us together as one body
  • Your vision for Uganda
  • so. many. kids.  LIFE!
  • whipped cream, berries and brownies
  • the story You are writing that we get to be a part of

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