Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Youth Group Mission Trips!

Youth Mission Team from one of our supporting churches!
It's that time of year when youth groups across the country prepare for their summer missions trip!  Is your church sending a team this summer?  Clarksboro Evangelical United Methodist Church youth group is heading out next week and we had the privilege of preaching at their Commissioning Service on Sunday!  I love God's timing!  And Sicklerville United Methodist Church youth group is in Nashville this week!  Let's pause and pray for youth group mission trips right now!

I remember my first foreign mission trip in high school... I went to Jamaica.  Yeah, our Youth Pastor really knew how to sell missions!  I vividly remember coming home from that trip thinking, "I could do this for the rest of my life!"  And I'm pretty sure that was also when I began dreaming of adopting a brown baby someday.  There are all kinds of debates about the value of short-term missions (check out these three links), but I am living proof that there is one more full-time missionary on the field because I went on a trip in high school. We can debate all day long.

But if you or someone you love is going on a short-term mission trip this summer- please read this post: 6 Ways to Make your Summer Mission Trip Incredibly Amazing.  And then do those things!

Is your church sending a team out this summer?  Where are they going?  What are your thoughts on short-term missions?  

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