Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday With Molly

We love summer camp! What a joy it was to partner with Cherry Run Camp out in Western PA for their annual camp this year. Cherry Run is a very traditional camp meeting in the sense that there is a lot going on for all ages throughout the week. We were given the opportunity to speak to the youth each morning in their missions class. We loved hanging out with the youth and enjoyed our times together (two classes each day: one for middle school and one for high school). Our discussion focused on Kyle Idlemans book “Not a Fan” and we discussed what being a true follower of Jesus is like. I want to introduce you to someone who is acting out her call to follow Jesus.

Molly was one of the high school girls we got to know and spend time with. She was always involved in the discussion and we could tell she was taking it seriously. On our last full day of camp Molly came up to Kelly and handed her a wad of cash. Molly explained to Kelly that just before coming to camp she cashed her most recent paycheck and felt Jesus telling her to give it to us because her plans for spending it focused mostly on ice cream. Jesus told her that what is happening in Uganda is where the money should go and so Molly obeyed. How awesome is that!? We love seeing students obey the voice of Jesus and know that God will bless Molly for her obedience. -Josh

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