Monday, October 14, 2013


We left Pennsylvania today with thankful hearts- we have been warmly welcomed and hosted.  We have eaten lots of good food, and enjoyed many autumn festivities like bonfires and hayrides.  We have met new people, and reconnected with others.  Jesus is building and strengthening our team! 

And so we count on:

7455.  a sweet gift from a 13 year old- $3.33

7456.  watching this man preach- it never gets old

7457.  interesting field trip to the fish hatchery
7458.  little boys learning a new game
7459.  fog covered mountains
7460.  Your presence going before us
7461.  a table and chairs. a couch and a chair. 3 beds. enough.
7462.  a delicious cheese burger and sweet potato fries

7463.  hot apple cider on a rainy day.
7464.  sweater weather.
7465.  being out of reach of social media
7466.  helping to carry a pastor’s burdens
7467.  homemade sour cherry jam
7468.  family devotions. even with cranky kids.
7469.  him- leading our family well
7470.  little miss kicking up a storm
7471.  big brother kisses to my belly
7472.  Your word of peace
7473.  how You walk this road with us
7474.  how You provide for all our needs
7475.  Your people hosting us graciously

7476.  a gorgeous fall hike
7477.  a perfect stretch before getting in the car
7478.  Your handiwork

7479.  adventure
7480.  little boys and a good daddy
7481.  learning to trust
7482.  You love them more than I do

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  1. Kelly,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Ann's link up. It looks like you are a pastor's wife too, and like you are in the raising prayer support stage of a missions step? I was an MK growing up, and love people's stories around the world. Counting gifts with you,
    Jennifer Dougan


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