Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hitting the Road

We're off on our grand adventure!  First stop: Cory, PA to visit our friends Pastor Ken and Jean Morris and meet their new church, Wrightsville Community Church.

A few tricks to packing for a long trip: 
  • Check your itinerary and choose outfits for special events and then add enough outfits for your longest stay.
  • Choose outfits that layer, and one item for an extreme day (this fall we're packing one pair of shorts and one winter coat per person). 
  • Pack snacks that could double as lunch or dinner (grapes and frozen cheese sticks go in our cooler every time.  We also make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to save money on the road! **We freeze the cheese sticks so they don't get mushy in the cooler). 
  • Borrow a THULE roof rack!  Thanks, Mark and Joanne!  
  • Buy a few new items your kids haven't seen.  Save them for a desperate moment!  We found some great books on clearance at Big Lots for $2 this trip.  And be sure to load your ipod with audio books and songs you AND your kids love.  
Stay tuned for great ideas and activities for the road! And a few pictures and stories along the way!  What are your packing tips?

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  1. Packing cubes by eBags! A different color set of bags for each member of the family -- organizes suitcases/duffles (separate tops, pants, socks & undies & pjs), can hold a day or two's outfits to pull out for an overnight (and leave the big suitcase in the car). Also great when staying somewhere where you don't have a dresser to unpack into. Loved these when we traveled for HMA!


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