Monday, September 30, 2013

#31Days on the Road

Ever wonder what missionaries do when they return to the states for furlough, deputation, homeland ministry assignment??  Think it's all vacation and rest?  Or do you assume all they do is raise money to return to their host country?  My hope during this series is that you will get a glimpse into a normal missionary family's life on Homeland Ministry Assignment.

But more than that I hope to give you resources that you can use in your daily life!  My goals for this series are:
  • to post tips on traveling with children
  • to teach you how to pray for missionaries on Homeland Ministry Assignment
  • to give you practical advice on how to support missionaries when they return to the U.S.
  • to introduce you to some cool people we meet along the way in hopes of encouraging you on your own missions journey!
Is there anything you want to learn along the way?  Post a question in the comments section!  Can't wait for you to join us on the road in October!  We hit the road on October 2 and return to New Jersey on November 13!  It's gonna be a great trip!  Buckle up!

1.   Intro and Index
2.   Hitting the Road!
3.   Road Trip Blessing
4.   Weekend Links **FREE 30-page .pdf
5.   Snapshot
6.   Praying for Missionaries on the Road
7.   Gratitude on the Road
8.   Unexpected Blessings: Guest Post by Meg Rambo
9.   Food Tips **lots of links
10. Autumn Bucket List: link to FREE printable
11. Welcoming Missionaries
12.  Breathing space.  No post.
13.  Praying for Missionary Kids
14.  Gratitude
15.  Lessons in Simplicity
16.  Snapshot
17.  Vacation
18.  Divine Appointments
19.  Fall in America 
20.  Taking the Missionary Hat Off
21.  Thankful by Caleb
22.  Parenting on the Road: Part 1
23.  Parenting on the Road: Part 2
24.  Ladies Night Out: Self Care
25.  Snapshot
26.  Weekend Links: Travel and MKs
27.  Traveling while Pregnant
28.  Staying Married on the Road
29.  Gratitude: By the Numbers
30.  Lessons in the Midst of Chaos
31.  Home Sweet Home: An Introvert on the Road

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