Sunday, October 06, 2013

Praying for Missionaries on the Road

It's easy to pray for missionaries when they are in their host country- praying for health from strange disease, praying for safety on the crazy roads, praying for fruitful ministry, and strength and peace for the missionary's family.  But how do you pray for missionaries when they are on Home Assignment? 
  • Pray for smooth transitions from place to place and grace to see the blessings of each new  location.  Some missionaries have a home-base, and other live out of their suitcases- most do a mixture of both. 
  • Pray for good connections and re-connections with champions.  Ask the Lord to give the missionaries wisdom to know how to help their champions go deeper in their mission journeys!
  • Pray for their hearts- that they would find their joy and security in the Lord.  It is a tricky thing to be on Home Assignment, because the U.S. doesn't always feel like "home".  Missionaries and their families miss their host country, and at the same time love seeing family and friends in the U.S.  Please know you are loved, even if the missionary is feeling a little home-sick for Africa.  
  • Pray for the Lord to provide all their needs.  And be willing to be a part of His answer!  After living on the field for two years, doing full-time ministry and taking care of many people- it is a refreshment to our souls when God's people offer to take care of us.  We have story after story of how God has used His people here to bless and provide for our family- from phones to hotel rooms, and from monthly financial gifts to spending money on vacation.  He is using you!  And we are grateful. 
  • Pray that they would stay rooted in the Lord.  Pray for their daily quiet times.  Pray against attacks from the evil one.  While we are on the field we are acutely aware of the spiritual warfare being waged around us- and once our feet hit U.S. soil it can be easy not  to feel our "need" for Jesus as much.  We still do need Him!!!  Pray that we would make time to be in His presence daily- no matter where we are living or what our daily routine is that week.  
our boys found the Veggie Tales toys here at the Morris' home

  • Pray for their children- it can be tough moving from house to house figuring out new routines, new foods, and new playmates every other week!  Ask the Lord for grace to answer the same questions over and over again!   And that the parents would have wisdom to parent them well and have sensitivity to their needs on any given day!
Besides us, some of the other WGM Uganda missionaries on Homeland Ministry Assignment are:

Matt and Joy Burke
Kenneth and Delight Hopson
Ray and Nicole Leisure
Nathan and Jade Metz
Scott and Meg Rambo
Justin and Debby Williams

Have a question about life on the road?  Leave a comment!  Missionaries, chime in on what prayer requests you have during Home Assignment!

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