Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips for Traveling while Pregnant

Sorry for the silence- we've been in and out of internet service this weekend- such is life on the road!

Back to our 31 Days on the Road series! 

As I type, we've been on the road for 4 weeks and I am 30 weeks pregnant.

Tip #1:  Get moving!  When I left my midwife told me to get out of the car and move after every 2 hours of driving to get the blood flowing and prevent blood clots.  That automatically adds at least an hour of travel to every leg of our journey! Generally, someone needs a bathroom break every two hours so that hasn't been too difficult. 

Tip #2: Snack healthy!  We usually carry cheese sticks, peanut butter crackers, grapes, and apples.  Sip on water- I know you don't want to stop for the bathroom every ten minutes, but if you sip every now and then you'll keep your body and baby healthier.

Tip #3:  Rest when you can!  If someone offers you a nap, say "yes, thank you." You aren't going to be sleeping well in a different bed every few nights.  You will be uncomfortable and have to pee often through the night as you catch up on your water intake.   On Sunday we were at lunch and our sweet hostess said there was a spare room if I needed a nap.  So I set an alarm and laid down for 30 minutes.  It was a sweet gift!  And I felt better, and didn't miss too much conversation. 

Tip #4:  Listen to your body!   We have done a few hikes, and hayrides on this road trip.  I've had a several braxton hicks contractions, and I know when I have pushed my body too far.  If you're going to be hiking- wear good shoes, take it slow, and don't keep pushing if you just need to stop and breathe. 

This is all common sense advice, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  Enjoy this season and know that traveling pregnant is way easier than traveling with baby- though I know we'll do that too!

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  1. Take care. Traveling on HA is no fun even when you aren't pregnant. God bless.


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