Saturday, November 09, 2013

Staying Married on the Road

Date Night: thanks, Andrea!
Well, October is over... but this series isn't.  I have a few more topics I want to make sure I cover- even though it's been more than 31 days! When you are on Homeland Ministry Assignment you often need to take a roadtrip and visit families and churches who support you. These are often fun and encouraging- but they can get tiresome. How do you and your spouse stay connected while you're on the road??

Here a few things that help us stay connected on the road!
  • When someone offers you a date night- say "yes!" and "thank you!".  We had a great night out while we were at Ohio Christian University- the director of the WGM Student Center offered to keep our boys so we could go out alone.  It was a sweet time of delicious food and happy, uninterrupted conversation!  And tonight, my college roommate is keeping our boys so we can go on date #2 this road trip!
  • If you can't find a babysitter- just buy a rare, luxurious treat to share after the kids are in bed with decaf coffee and your favorite movie!
  • Talk.  Period.  Things on the road can get stressful.  You may want to clam up and just press through- but it's best for everyone to talk it out!  
  • Have an "I need" conversation.  If things are piling up and you're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, tell your spouse what you need.  They can't read your mind!  And then ask them what they need.  Come up with a plan to make it happen!
  • If you aren't sharing a room with your kids- take advantage. Enough said. 
  • Just be kind.  Think of things that make your spouse happy and do them.  
  • Make sure you kiss each other decently every day.  
  • Pray together as a couple.  Even if it's just a quick prayer at bedtime- it's a point of connection with your spouse and your God.  That's always the best combination!
Enjoy this season.  Lean on each other.  And know that you will be back at home-base soon enough!


  1. yes to all of these things!! Especially the "room with no kids" part :)

  2. Such good advice! We got pregnant with one of our kiddos while "on the road," so yep, we definitely took advantage of the "room with no kids." ;) Haha!


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