Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1% Testimony: Edwin

All this week we will hearing from the 1% in Uganda!  We want you to hear from students and former students who have been a part of this university ministry.  Today's testimony is from Edwin Eregwa, a graduate of Kampala International University, and a full-time intern at United Faith Chapel.  
I believe the university ministry is a place where the lives of many are shaped to influence not only their peers but also the societies where these students come from. Its a training ground for leaders of integrity in this current generation and future generations

The university ministry has impacted my life in the following ways: I have been able to grow deeper in my relationship with God through the Bible studies, small groups, and worship services that have been truly transformational. My leadership skills have been enhanced greatly by the opportunities God provides through this ministry. I am now serving as a full time staff in this ministry. Finally, I have grown through the rich relationships it offers from students with diverse backgrounds/nationalities/cultures.

Today God is using me as an instrument of edification, encouragement, and inspiration in the lives of university students as a leader at United Faith Chapel at Kampala International University. I am glad to be part of what God is doing in this ministry. 

by Edwin Eregwa, a leader at United Faith Chapel

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