Monday, January 20, 2014

When the Days are Long...

Some days are easier than others.  And on those long days it's even more important to hunt for His gifts.  He is always a good Giver- some days it's easier to see!  Sweet Elizabeth reached 1 month on Sunday.  It has been a joy to watch her grow these past four weeks- crazy how much they change!

when all she wants to do is be held- it's easy to focus on all I've given up to be mama to a small one again.  the long hours of productivity, the ease of getting through a day, a full nights' rest... but God wants me to focus on Himself, gaze in His eyes, and open my hands to receive His gifts:

7551.  Jesus carrying me as I hold this baby
7552.  Your Word that gives life
7553.  Joseph's words of blessing to his brothers
7554.  snacks you can eat with one hand
7555.  finally being able to put her down for a nap.
7556.  getting some work done on the newsletter
7557.  her wild woman hair
7558.  the soft spot to nestle into her neck
7559.  her tiny fingers and toes
7560.  her sweet rosebud lips
7561.  her blueberry eyes
7562.  this tiny person, handcrafted by God
7563.  here. this place I can worship You.


  1. WHAT a lovely gift you have there! We have 4 and they are all near grown and flown at this point {22,19,16,15}. I really miss the tiny baby days and love to hear/see when others are being blessed during that season in their lives. Despite the exhaustion and all the cares that come along with having little ones, it it also such a spectacular time of growth and trust!
    Have an amazing week.
    Stopped by via A Holy Experience link up :).

    1. Thanks for stopping by! So glad to hear testimony from someone on the "other side"!

  2. Im just pass by with I see your baby..its so cute. Grow up with love and may God Bless you cute little angel !! - the family international


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