Monday, February 03, 2014

living slow

there is something so sweet and freeing about life with a new baby.  like this lovely limitation, that causes me to focus on essentials..  i didn't feel this way yesterday, the limitations almost suffocated me.  and although my one word this year is "here"... here is the last place in the world i wanted to be.

thankfully, i can proudly say we all made it through that cranky, sick day dressed, fed and alive.

today is a new day and i am seeing with fresh perspective.  it all started last night, when sweet Elizabeth finally pooped, and then gave me two brilliant smiles. the real ones, where she locks eyes with me, and then flashes startling beauty.  almost as if she was saying, "sorry for all the grief today. thanks for sticking it out and not completely losing it." 

we were all scheduled to speak at a new church about our mission to Uganda, and at the last minute Seth got sick and I had to stay home with all the kids while Josh went to church.  and last night, after the long, trying day, Elizabeth smiled and Jesus brought to mind a lesson He is teaching me again:

children tie a mother's feet.  more on that tomorrow. 

but for today, I am thankful for all the sweet things that Jesus gives in this newborn season:
  • crinkly nose, figuring out how to smile
  • blueberry eyes and rose bud lips
  • that sweet scent of clean baby fresh from the bath
  • warm and wet, wrapped in a hooded-towel
  • squeaky breaths
  • utter exhaustion/dependence on Jesus
  • sense of victory when she burps
  • forced stillness while I nurse her
  • her simplicity of needs- love, food, cleanliness, sleep.
  • time for prayer
  • staying close to home this winter
  • an excuse to nap with a warm, cuddly baby
  • how she just needs me sometimes
  • tiny fingers wrapped around mine
  • soft, wild hair
  • sweet baby coos
  • coffee
  • super husband
  • Your nearness
  • Your word, in snatches, on my phone


  1. Oh, what beautiful gratitude! My favourite kind--baby gratitude! Just reading your list makes me yearn :) I understand the tough days full well, but isn't it amazing that when we as believers know how to give thanks, all the yucky times that day seem less chaotic? Loved this post. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    1. So glad this post was a blessing. this gratitude habit is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane in these tiny days. He is near! thanks for stopping by!


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