Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Feet are Tied...

here. these are slow days. my feet are tied.  but these small ones are my chief responsibility right now.  and my chief avenue of sanctification.

"My lord knows that the children are weak... please let my lord go on ahead before his servant. I will lead on slowly at a pace which the children are able to endure..." -Genesis 33:13-14

Jacob was talking with Esau, and he knew the limitations of his large family... he didn't want to drive his young ones harder than they could endure.  How are we, as a culture, doing at this?  I know I am convicted of trying to do too much at times.  But I must lead on slowly.  No running for me!

It feels like losing. this foot-tying.  this voluntary limitation.  These days are full of a thousand opportunities to die to self.  I can die gracefully, or resentfully.  I can let these tiny deaths make me bitter or beautiful.  And so I say, "Yes, Lord. Use these children of mine to apply the knife of the cross to all of my old self- anywhere You can see it, in all the places where I do not know it..."


  1. Love your thoughts, Kelly. A great reminder that sometimes it feels like our children are "holding us back" but they are often what God uses to help us move and grow, albeit often differently than we want or expect. Taking your time with your kids and being a great mom has so much more eternal value than many other things! Keep up the good work! Ironically, I was just reading that passage in my Bible last night as I'm in a Bible study on Genesis right now. Our Bible study leader also pointed out Gen 33:5 where Jacob and Esau reunite and Esau asks Jacob "who are all these women and children with you?" Jacob replies: " These are the children God has graciously given to me." Children are a gracious gift from God!! =)

    1. Thanks, Amber! So glad to be surrounded by other mamas who are in the trenches of littles for the kingdom! blessings to you as you prepare for #3!


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