Wednesday, February 26, 2014

loosing its grip...

it was a bit of vacation from a harsh winter this weekend- temperatures soared into the 50's and my soul soared with them.  it was pure delight to get outside and bask in  the  sunshine.  it felt like my soul could breathe again. 

winter has yet to relinquish its grasp on the Northeast, but there are sweet signs that spring is on its way. the dry, crisp leaves from the year gone by skitter across my path- cheerily waving goodbye to winter. the trees are beginning to bud.  the robins fight the canadian geese for possession of the school yard.  the snow melt cascades down the drain, gurgling and sloshing.  and the sun. the sun warms my face and my soul.

the spring always gives me such hope.  and as we raise our funds and look toward May 1, I can't help but have a peace and hope that He will do it.  He will bring in the remaining funds.  Where is He asking you to have faith? what promise are you clinging to today?

here is a quote to ponder:

"The spring comes slowly down this way; but the great thing is that the corner has been turned. There is, of course, this difference, that in the natural spring the crocus cannot choose whether it will respond or not. We can. We have the power either of withstanding the spring, and sinking back into the cosmic winter, or of going on into those ‘high mid-summer pomps’ in which our Leader, the Son of man, already dwells, and to which He is calling us. It remains with us to follow or not, to die in this winter, or to go on into that spring and that summer." -C.S. Lewis

Are you content to stay where you are?  Or are you willing to go where He leads?  

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