Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1% Testimony: Brian

At university is where critical decisions and paradigms of life are made. So being in University Ministry aids you more as you try to put things into perspective based on God's word.

University Ministry helped me to realize who I really am, know my strengths and weaknesses, how to live and interact with people and what it takes to be a Christian.

Through this ministry God has used me to minister to other people. Living with people and understanding how people think and behave is an important factor in life. I have learned that salvation is not just for me and my life, but God saved me so that He could use me in whichever way He wishes. So living for Him each day, through the challenges and helping out people that need help in the society, be it social or emotional needs in a way that brings glory to Him alone. When someone who does not know God gets inspired by the God you serve through the way you live your life, then it becomes easier to win a soul to Christ.  -Brian Birario

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