Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I am reading a little booklet called Praying Effectively for the Lost, by Lee E. Thomas, (though I haven't finished it, so can't recommend the whole yet). In it he talks about the effectiveness of pleading with God.  I think that word has a bad rap- it sounds so desperate.  But, shouldn't we be desperate for the lost to find God??  Isn't that why we are involved in missions?  

How are we to plead?  What does that even look like?  He outlines six things:

We can plead:

  • the purposes of God
  • the promises of God
  • the power of God
  • the personage of God
  • the attributes and attitudes of God
  • His past performances!
How will this change your prayer life??  Are you desperate for the lost to know Him?

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