Tuesday, May 27, 2014

meantime gratitude...

as we await our release from Homeland Ministry we could view these days as a delay, in limbo, a challenge or we could receive them as a gift.  four years is a long time.  we know He still has work for us to do here in us and through us.  but perhaps part of the reason God has us here until July is because He wants to bless us. In the meantime, while we wait, He has graciously allowed us to be near family and friends.  He has sweetly given us a new baby to snuggle and enjoy.  He has placed us near so many stores and restaurants.  The roads are full of cars, but not chaos. We can get almost every food we crave (except real african chai, and matooke and g-nut sauce, and truly ripe tropical fruit).

and so we say Thank You, or "webale nyo" as they say in Uganda.  and we count all the gifts He has given us #here:

7579.  friends gathered.
7580.  kids everywhere
7581.  laughter and sunshine.
7582.  s'mores roasted over a fire. oozing. sticky. delicious.

7583.  family gathered.
7584.  all my siblings under one roof. around one table.
7585.  all these boy cousins eating burgers and hot dogs.
7586.  funny stories

7586.  this pool that has seen generations of childhoods...
7587.  my boys and their cousins, like I did with my cousins...
7588.  freezing water. blue lips. shivering and loving it.

7589.  warriors gathered together with us.
7590.  fighting alongside us. in the same room.
7591.  storming heaven on behalf of the nations.
7592.  preparation for the days to come when we fight from two separate continents.

7593.  quick trip to the ocean.
7594.  baby girl in daddy's arms.
7595.  sea breeze. boardwalk food. gorgeous view.

7596.  You, here, on this side of the ocean. holding us.
7597.  You, fighting for us as we wait.
7598.  Your provision of 90%- the remaining 10% is nothing to You.
7599.  the beauty and the sweetness of wrestling my way to trust.
7600.  You, the trustworthy and faithful One.
7601.  You've never failed, and You won't stop now.

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  1. I love this <3 Often times we look at the waiting or the limbo as a negative and yet God has such beautiful gifts and plans for those times <3 Fighting that myself!! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of His faithfulness!!


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