Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not All Fun and Games...

But sometimes it is!

We have some exciting news over on the kids' blog. 

As we are preparing for our first four-year term, we're trying to find creative ways to stay connected to family and friends in the states, and keep the memories alive.

Two great ideas I found on pinterest: Memory Lane Game and Guess Who!  A little time-consuming, but we have already had fun playing them!  I didn't follow the directions exactly, but tailored them to fit our family. Click here for a peek at our copy to inspire yours- the tough thing about recreating this game is that no two families are the same and you want it to be perfect for your family!

Something I read in this post has stayed with me:  Knowing we are a part of a larger family story is critical to our identity.

And so I want to be sure we are telling good stories - family stories- recounting memories - looking at photos.   These are just two ways we are doing that.  

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