Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sent and Supported

We have been in Uganda for almost two weeks. In many ways we feel like we are home and have never left (besides the presence of our trunks begging to be emptied and put away). Despite feeling comfortable and “at home” there is still something that feels out of place or, for lack of a better word, different. That’s you!

During our year in the US we spent a lot of time praying for a solid team to develop around us. A team that would embrace this ministry we are called to and send us back with their support. We met a lot of people and saw many “get it” and grow very excited about being a part of what God is doing in Uganda. Now we are 6,000 miles apart and we miss you already. What we miss is your physical presence or at least knowing that you are within driving distance from us. We are now an ocean apart and we feel that distance. That being said- you have sent us and we still feel your support and prayers alongside us.

In Philippians 4 Paul is thanking the members of the church in Phillipi and he tells them in vs. 14 “Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles.” Our team has shared in our troubles for sure. A week never went by towards the end of our Homeland Assignment without an email, phone call or conversation about how things were going and letting us know that someone was praying for us. Many of you really began championing this ministry in your realm of influence and working hard to get us back. Thank you! It was good of you to share in our troubles. 

Then in vs. 17 Paul tells the church, “Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to your account.” It may not make much sense but in reality we were not looking for financial support while we were in the states and sharing in your churches. Yes, we let you know of the need and asked you to consider. Yes, we absolutely needed financial gifts in order to get back, but all along we knew God was going to provide and use many of you to do just that. What we have been looking for all along in you, our champions, was growth in your missions journey. We praise God that we have seen that growth in you and we hope and pray that you have seen it in us. We pray we continue to grow together in our participation in Gods work here in Uganda and around the world. 

We miss you and will miss you during these 4 years. However, you SENT us and we are so grateful for that. Though we do feel at home now and love the life Jesus has called us to here in Uganda. We feel at peace in this place and in this work. We look forward to continuing to grow together in our mission and watching God work through us all. Please keep in touch, keep praying and come on over any time! Know that you are in our prayers as well! -Josh

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