Friday, August 01, 2014

How to Cut a Mango

Just yesterday I shared my mango muffin recipe- and it came up on our kids' blog that cutting a mango can be tricky!  So here are some step by step photos of how I cut a mango.

Step 1: Start with a slightly tender, fragrant mango.

Step 2: Cut on one side of the large pit.

Step 3: Cut on the other side of the large pit. So you have two nice halves.

Step 4: Cut to the skin (not through the skin) in a cross-hatch pattern.

Step 5: Pop it inside out! And slice those yummy pieces into a bowl!  Or eat it straight from the skin! Cut the skin off the middle section, and slice as much mango as you can away from the pit (or if you cut both halves for your kids, mama can eat the mango straight off the pit)

Step 6: Feed some to a cute baby.  Make sure she gets good and messy.

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