Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Caleb Update

We took him to the Dr's last week and he has gained more weight!! He is now 10lbs 8oz! We must be doing something right! He has become much more alert these days, and is holding his head up so well. I think we even saw a real smile! When I enter the room, he looks all around until he finds me- and just gazes at me with such sweet eyes. I am in love with my little boy!

There are so many things I never want to forget... His tiny o shaped mouth. perfect ears. working so hard to swallow. his baby smell. his round squishy cheeks. the perfect softness against my lips when I kiss his head. the way he is sometimes only comforted by me, his mama. feeling the rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps on me. his alert blue eyes full of wonder, taking it all in. his squirms and wiggles on the changing table. changing him quickly so I don't get squirted on. the look of his big round tummy. his first smile while we "exercised". how peaceful he looks while he sleeps. how cute Caleb and Daddy are when they play... or when they sleep. how fascinated he is by a simple light.

I am so grateful for these days!

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