Sunday, May 06, 2007

Transformed by His presence!

Ever just run smack dab into God? And when you collide, you are transformed?

That is what happened today. This morning's service was just amazing! I am so glad Caleb woke up in time for us to get to church! I definitely needed all that was said and sung! It started with the praise set... here are the phrases that captured my heart and why:

In Sing to the King "He's all I need" -I've not listened very well to the sermon I preached.... and I am still thirsty!

In Arise "Arise, take Your place" -He needs to take His place at the top of my priorities.

In Here I am to Worship "I'll never know how much it cost, to see my sin upon that cross" -I say it all the time: if He died for you, is it too much to ask that you get up a few minutes early to spend time with Him? What a kick butt challenge for myself today

In Amazing Grace "My God, My Savior has ransomed me and like a flood His mercy reigns..." -And mercifully, He still calls me- still invites me to spend time with Him- my God invites me. Whoa. That's huge and I still don't take Him up on His offer enough. I am overwhelmed by His mercy- that He doesn't chastise me for neglecting Him, but instead extends the invitation with more fervor.

And then PJ's sermon... am I praying 10 minutes a day? nope! am I reading at least a chapter of the Word a day? nope! ugh! this is my confession. I'm sure we're all in the same boat. let's encourage one another to run hard after Him- to give up whatever it is that is blocking us from having time for Him and pursue Him passionately!!!! Praising Him for being obviously present this morning!

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