Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catching up!

Wow, our little Caleb is getting so big! He is crawling around like crazy- but his mission these days is to walk. He can walk at a speedy pace holding our fingers- but the balance is lacking. My bet is that he will be walking by the end of July, not that we want him to be completely mobile... he will just be happier having attained his one and only goal in life. Being at camp last week was crazy. He spent most of his time in the stroller because we didn't want to deal with taking three baths a day due to crawling in the sand! He was a trooper though- and we made it home safe and sound! It was wonderful to see Scott and Meg, they came up from Mississippi for Camp Meeting. I miss them already! They were a huge help with Caleb while Josh was the dean and I was preaching at the youth chapels!

My sermons revolved around the theme "Are you in?" Asking the question are you in Him or not in Him? There are no other options! It was a great week and the campers were awesome! It was such a blessing to preach the holiness message and to have people respond to His call!

These days Caleb is really into books, paper, food, and crawling! Such a sweet baby!

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