Friday, March 14, 2008

A mother's pain...

Talk about the toughest day in a mother's life... holding her son down while he gets blood drawn! I have to say, labor and delivery was nothing compared to the pain I felt today as that incompetent woman stuck that needle in his arm and could not even find his vein! He was screaming in pain and I couldn't do anything about it! The only comfort I had was that I was the one holding him (read: having a physical job to d0), Josh could only stand there and watch helpless to do anything for his boy in agony.

I know that as a mother, I cannot spare my children from every pain. Nor would I want to- it is through those times that we are stretched and we grow. But at the same time- this was the first of many moments to follow where I had to sit by and watch my son hurt. All I can do is be there to comfort him when he needs me, and to pray when he says he doesn't need me. I do not look forward to the quickly approaching days of disciplining him- but I know that that pain too- comes at a high price- but pays rich dividends!

Today, I have a new appreciation of the agony of our Father, as He watched His Son be whipped and bruised and struck, and ultimately crucified... by His own creation... for their own benefit... out of love for us. I never realized how much it hurt Him to love us.


  1. Sorry :-( But...beautiful correlation!
    Miss you.

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