Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's the Little Things...

So I just read Jean's Blog and she inspired me to think on the little things that bring me joy. And it is particularly appropriate on this Valentine's weekend... to ponder the people that bring joy and love to my life! My boys are a constant source of joy!

The way Seth's whole face lights up when he smiles... the way I can get lost in the depths of his blue eyes... his determination to walk before he ever learns to crawl... his deep belly laugh... his sloppy open mouth kisses...the sweet way he lays his head on my shoulder when he gets tired... his sleepy song... the dimples on his hands... the rolls on his legs... his new satisfaction in sitting by himself and playing... and while frustrating at times, it is also flattering when no one else will do except his mama!

The way Caleb is repeating everything we say like it's the coolest thing ever said... the way he loves to jump on his bed in only his diaper after bath time... the way he randomly comes up and hugs me and says "I love you mama"... the way he makes me laugh with his silly moments... the way he snuggles my hair... his loving nature toward everyone he meets... the way he loves to tidy up and make things neat... his mischievous grin when he knows he's teasing you... his fake laugh when he wants to join in when everyone is laughing... the way he will sit and "read" books forever... the way he dances around and sings "Everybody, Africa!"...

The warmth and strength of a good hug from Josh... the way we sometimes say the same thing at the same time... the comfortable way we can sit and drink coffee in silence... the way he complements my weaknesses... the way he leads our family... the way he plays with our boys... getting random notes from him just when I need them... just doing life together!

I am so blessed with joy at every corner! And I hope that you are too! Praying you find joy in the moments of each day and in the people that surround you! -Kelly

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