Friday, June 12, 2009

God provides again!

Yesterday was one of those days that Gods hand was so evidently seen. It actually all begins on Wednesday. At work on Wednesday I (Josh) happened to really fall into a grove and get a lot of work done including writing my sermon. I had planned to do my sermon on Thursday or Friday. Keep that in the back of your mind.

For a few weeks now I have been keeping an eye out for a job to get us through the summer, be a supplement for us when we start getting a check through WGM, and also to keep me occupied because I get bored real easy. I had a couple of leads none of which I was incredibly excited about but ya gotta work right? I did find this company that does valet services at Virtua hospitals here in the area. This peeked my interest because I like to drive and would love to drive other peoples cars, potentially nice cars. I emailed this company over a month ago and was told to contact them when time got closer to me needing a job.

Long story short(er), I called Wednesday afternoon and was told to go up to Virtua in Mt Holly (near Delanco) to fill out an application and have an interview. I was up in Mt. Holly at 9am and after filling the application out I sat down with the area supervisor (Earl) to discuss a job. Earl was on the phone with the supervisor in Marlton and I could hear every work of their conversation and they were discussing what to do because they needed another van driver in Marlton to shuttle employees back and forth from the hospital to the employee lots. Earl looked at me and said, "how old are you?" "26." So Earl says into the phone, "let me call you back. I may have a solution." Go through the interview and Earl begins to tell me about this shuttle driving job in Marlton (which believe you me I would much rather work there than in Mt. Holly) and how there was another woman who applied yesterday but was now not answering her phone so they may need me right away. Earl hired me on the spot, against the judgement of his supervisor (shhh, our little secret) and told me my first day would be Monday but there was a chance I would be called in that day. My official job was a "standby shuttle driver" which just means I am on call to fill in when they needed me.

Lets recap: 9am application/interview. 10am offered job as "standby" driver.

Ok so I drive the hour drive home and figure Ill just start working this job on Monday. I get home and at 12pm get a call to come in as soon as I can to start working. Glad I ate lunch! I get into work and learn the job (I also have to help the valet guys) and begin to realize that they want to hire me full-time already! So in a matter of 4-5 hours I applied for, got a job (part-time), and was promoted to full-time! hahahaha! God is so good.

I wont actually begin working full-time til after camp meeting since our life transition is so crazy but isnt it just like God to all the sudden just provide so overwhelmingly for what you need. This job is fun for me and also a perfect fit for our new life as missionaries preparing to go on the field. The job has already given me many opportunities to share my story and what we will be doing in Africa. Plenty of people for me to share the love of Christ with and I am so excited to have sometime out there "in the world" just loving people for Jesus. An obviously different atmosphere from being a youth pastor.

The one sad part about this job is that Caleb has decided that daddy is the best thing since sliced bread. Caleb was so excited when I told him earlier in the day that I didnt have to work on Thursday and would be home all day. He became very sad when I had to go back on my word. God is good though and has blessed me with a job where I can spend all morning with my boys before nap time and then go off to work. So my sermon is done for Sunday (did you remember?) and I am working again today at the hospital. Praise God!

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