Monday, June 15, 2009

A Tender Heart

Caleb is such a sweet boy, and a delight to my heart, but these days he is just so sad. He came home after our yardsale and got very upset that we had sold our table and chairs, our love-seat, his bed frame (he still has a mattress to sleep on), and much more. He climbed on his mattress for his nap, and as I was tucking him in he said, "Mama, I don't like this." In his pitiful little sad voice. That's enough to break a mama's heart :( And as I start welling up with tears of my own, I just lean in and hug him close, and tell him that I don't like it either, and that Jesus loves to hold us when our hearts are sad. So I prayed and off he went to dreamland.

The next day in church, my sister starts singing "Made Me Glad" by Hillsong, and I just lose it. And as I sit there weeping, my mom puts her arm around me and cries too. And in that moment, I realize that a mother's heart always breaks when her child is hurting. And how God's heart must break as He watches His children suffer. The words to the song have become my theme for this transition-

Will you pray for Caleb during this transition? His little heart is breaking, and he is processing this a lot more than I expected a 2 year old to, and so lift him up to Jesus. And pray for us as we try to parent him through this, and help him place his tender heart in Jesus' hands. Thanks so much for carrying us in this time of transition!

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  1. aawww
    Kelly, I saw you with your mom. A private moment. I thought it was your sadness about the transition. How precious is your son? I will pray that Caleb transitions well to his new home. I so admire your faithfulness to God's calling and your obedience in answering the call. SO wise for such young woman! Have a great day!


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