Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Happy Heart!

Now this is the Caleb we know and love... this particular picture he's asking, "Daddy, you wanna wrestle??" And we just want to thank you for wrestling in prayer with us over Caleb's sadness about moving!

We could tell a difference in his attitude Monday afternoon! Thank you for praying! I could tell he was feeling better, and asked him if his heart was happy, and his answer was a resounding, "YES!" accompanied by a big smile! So we took a minute to thank Jesus for making his heart happy, and for answering our prayers! He is so good to us!

We have begun a count-down calendar featuring a fun thing to do each day until we move, so that has helped a lot! Yesterday we went over his best buddy Noah's house. Today we will be having a cookie picnic outside and painting with oranges (stay tuned for pictures!). Tomorrow Caleb and Seth have a date with Grandma Laurie (and Josh and I have a much needed date of our own!). Saturday we're going cherry picking!

In between those fun things we still have lots of packing to do, and a birthday party for Seth to plan! I am grateful for family and friends who are helping us through this transition!

I'm sure there are still bumps in the road ahead, but with our prayer warriors behind us, and Jesus beside us, we are ready for anything! Thanks for carrying us!

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