Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Thousand Gifts...

It's Wednesday, and time for our next installment of one thousand gifts in no particular order! God is blowing my mind with His goodness as I strive to pay attention to His presence and the gifts of grace He bestows!

This week I am grateful for the gifts of:

19. both boys napping at the same time (which meant I could nap too!)
39. cool mornings and dark coffee (I have a feeling coffee will show up on this list frequently!)
41. Caleb thanking Jesus for His power (after the thunderstorm)
51. Cheryl coming over to keep the boys happy while I did some packing
54. Seth waking up happy after a very rough night
56. Snuggling with my boys under a cozy blanket watching Sesame Street
60. Chubby, dimpled hands

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