Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfect timing

Why we ever question Gods provision and why we are ever surprised by His impeccable timing I will never know (and never learn). As many of you know Kelly and I have been praying to be at 35% funded for quite sometime now. At first our prayer was to be at 35% by the end of June so that we would have health insurance through WGM. That did not happen and we wondered why God hadn't answered that prayer. We realized that He had answered the prayer for health insurance but not the way we wanted. He was just waiting for us to stop being so stubborn and to open our eyes to His provision. Since then we have continued to pray to be at 35% funded as we watched our savings account drop and realized week after week at being a valet does not provide very well for a family of 4. Being the one who keeps track of our finances I have recently been stressing knowing that we were very quickly running out of money and wondering "what is taking God so long?" However, I always knew He had everything under control and would provide- that never seems to keep the stress away. As we shared recently we have made it to 35% funded and continue to move on towards out next benchmark (50% by years end). We filled out the paper work as quickly as possible and sent it back in to WGM. Today we received our first "pay check" from WGM and I truly felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders.

I dont mean to put so much emphasis on money but it has been a stress of mine and a prayer I've been praying for some time. It is such a relief to see the answer come to be reality. Thank you God! One thing I know I need to continue to give to God is my stresses. Knowing that He will always provide is one thing, living that way is another. I pray that I will continue to grow in the knowledge that God is always in control, knows all of our needs, and will indeed always take care of His children!

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