Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitudes in the Midst of Sickness

Grandmom Hallahan has passed away.
We have been sick.
It has been rainy.
He still shines glorious.

#1229. Ann Hallahan- RIP March 6, 2010- an end to her suffering
#1230. her arrival to glory- alive in Your presence, free from guilt, in a new body, reunited with husband and Dustin
#1231. fond memories
#1232. hot tea that comforts in the wee hours, that warms body and soul
#1233. strength to grieve with hope
#1234. bonds of family, strengthened in trial
#1235. young Mark at church

#1244. mother love that babysits boys and makes us dinner (delicious rolls to bake in our own oven)

#1258. a 3 hour nap
#1259. thoughtful in-laws feeding and bathing boys
#1260. boys sleeping through the night while Josh and I were throwing up
#1261. gatorade
#1262. emotions that make me human: sadness, frustration, love, exhaustion, grief, jealousy
#1263. coming to the end of me- so I can live fully in You
#1264. how I can depend utterly on You

Add Image#1265. You, my Shepherd

holy experience


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandmom. What a lovely picture you posted so that we can see her smile. :) How blessed you are to have so much family around you. Your header picture is adorable, too.

  2. true it is that we must be emptied of ourself to be filled with Him and live fully for Him.
    A lovely list


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