Friday, July 08, 2011

running breathless

So- this post never got published. Here it is- 2 months late- but we're just so grateful and we wanted you to know it!

May 16, 2011
We're halfway there!  Heathrow Airport is our layover- so grateful for wi-fi :)  So far so good- thank you for praying us thus far!  We'll arrive in Uganda on Tuesday morning (midnight Monday in the US). 

3793. boxes filled with provision
3794.  friends opening their home and table

3795.  tin foil alien hats

3796.  boys hugging goodbye
3797.  friends waving until we drive out of view
3798.  Your nearness to the broken-hearted
3799.  shopping success
3800.  best buddies playing trains

3801.  true friends- such a part of our journey
3802.  coffee and cookies

3803.  friends who come and sit in the middle of our mess and help pack and eat and pray
3804.  long, luxurious pedicures and massage chair helping right where it hurt
3805.  quality time with Leah
3806.  coming home to date night plans

3807.  wawa hoagies
3808.  picnic at our favorite park

3809.  setting sun casting its golden spell upon our evening
3810.  laying in the grass, basking in Your peace
3811.  watching airplanes glisten in the sun
3812.  that will be us on Sunday
3813.  kisses in the dark
3814.  3 run home-run at a little league game
3815.  feeling safe walking outside at night
3816.  being in this together

3817.  my hands wrapped around a warm mug on a brisk morning

3818.  15 action packers. full.
3819.  this feeling of accomplishment
3820.  my mom coming by to help

3821.  one last coffee date with Michelle
3822.  effortless conversation
3823.  how You are moving in her life

3841.  this calling and getting to live the dream
3842.  Dunkin Donuts

3843.  friends lugging our action packers
3844.  a safe haven where I can allow the grief to wash over me- in his arms

3845.  this Body surrounding us in love, prayer and tears
3846.  You are coming again!
3847.  friends coming for one last hug

3848.  this grace-gift of traveling with family!
3849.  my brother's obedience to Your calling
3850.  someone who is on this journey with us and understands how we're feeling
3851.  cousins!!!


  1. Blessings on your trip. That is a wonderful list of God's gifts.

  2. it's always kind of the special thing to have a little bit of past – a good piece of past – brought into the present. This was kind of a nice slice of pie, frozen – and then brought out and enjoyed later. God bless you guys and all you have done. And God bless and keep all of yours.

    Oh, and since it's a thank you list – I guess I should pick a favorite. And that one would be your church family gathering around you, saying goodbye, and praying for you – it's very New Testament-ish – I heart that!


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