Monday, January 02, 2012

countless gifts...

as He beckons me to enter in, i tip toe gingerly. i haven't even been entering in to my own life.  i've been blazing through it.  and so i slow.  i snap photos.  i remember what gift it is just to count.  it's two days now into the new year, and I've been counting since the clock struck midnight.  i love a clean slate, a fresh start, an empty journal.

counting His wildly sweet gifts in the daily (excerpts from #5254- #5283):

-- city skyline illuminated with dazzling bursts of color and fire
-- circling up for prayer at the start of 2012
-- Your invitation to enter in
--the beautiful garden of Your presence, with a feast prepared for me.
--family nap
-- a glorious "little" testament of answered prayer by Rosalind Goforth (read it here FREE)

-- sheer delight of snowman pancakes
-- licking the last flakes of powdered sugar
-- how easy it is for them to enter in to the moment

-- taking the time to join them in play
-- the warm sun on my back
-- making something lovely with them
-- his fingers still chubby
-- his feet growing before my very eyes

-- a rest from the hard work of play :)
-- brothers. forever.
-- shorts and sunshine in January
-- this glorious calling of ours.
-- Come to The Fire conference.  enter His rest.  watch every session here.


  1. I loved your list! Precious brother photos, especially them licking their plates clean! Many blessings this New Year.

  2. LOVE the picture! It totally reminds me of the youngest son in "A Christmas Story" and brought a big grin to my face on a Monday!

  3. Love those photos and those days of playing like that seems to fly by so fast. They took me back. Blessings!

  4. Great pics! My oldest just turned 14 but I remember when she was a small as yours. They grow up fast. Thanks for sharing!

  5. so sweet!love the way you said "the hard work of play" so true - they look so very content & happy - they must have a good mama!

  6. What a beautiful, thoughtful list. I love it. Keep counting....


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