Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Five: Dreams for University Ministry

Our family is growing more and more passionate about university ministry not just here in Kampala but across East Africa. We truly believe it is through this type of ministry that a solid missionary movement will rise up. Here are 5 dreams we have for the university ministry:
  1. We are praying for 1,000 Africans to be called, sent and equipped for missionary service across Africa.  We firmly believe the majority of these 1,000 will be university students. We are praying that students here at Kampala International University/United Faith Church will be part of this group.
  2. We dream of a solid university ministry network possibly based here in Kampala. We currently have loose relationships with ministries at Kampala University in Ggaba Uganda, Kampala International University campus in Mbarara Uganda, Moi University in Eldoret Kenya, Kampala International University campus in Dar Es Salam Tanzania, and many other universities across East Africa. We are praying for a network that will continue to see university students come to know Christ and called to proclaim His word across Africa. We pray that this network will encourage each other and resource each other towards proclaiming the word of God.
  3. We dream of resources available to provide necessary training to equip and send out these missionary students. We need to discover or create the best curriculum for training and also secure financing to train these students.
  4. We dream of financial partners across the world who feel led to support university ministry through World Gospel Mission on a consistent basis. Just as our family is supported financially by many families, individuals and churches we dream of the university ministry funded as such. This will give the freedom to develop the training and also begin supporting these students who feel called to go out into the mission field.  Would you be interested in sponsoring a university missionary?   
  5. We dream of a revival across East Africa because there are students who love the Lord and are praying for the hearts of their people. We dream of universities across East Africa known for these Christian ministries and known for the impact they are having on each campus.  Will you commit to fasting and praying for revival here, and where you live?   

Do you want to be a part of this ministry? Please contact us right away if the Lord is tugging on your heart to join this amazing ministry or if you have other questions.

- Joshua Hallahan

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