Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rejoicing with angels!

It was one of those mornings.  struggling to get out of bed.  sneaking downstairs for coffee and Jesus. when little man calls out too early "moooooommmmmyy".  and I breathe deep and go get him. tell him mommy is spending time with Jesus, you can play quietly or read your own story Bible.  He gets his Bible and looks at pictures of the One we love.  still a bit frustrated, trying to get back into His presence.  and little man starts asking questions about heaven.  so i refocus- tune into His heart by tuning into his heart.  bit by bit we come to the part of the story where only the people with Jesus in their hearts get to go to heaven.  and i dare to whisper- do you want to invite Jesus into your heart?  "um, yes"  So we pray a little prayer, and he echoes.  And as much as an almost four year old can grasp, He grasps on to Jesus.  So I tell him there is a party in heaven now- because Jesus is in your heart!  Here's the happiest news straight from his own mouth:

hallelujah!  I don't know if I need be thankful for anything else today.  there is no greater joy.
-thankful for his tender heart
-thankful for the blood of Jesus
-thankful for realizing this was a divine interruption
-thankful that i didn't miss it
-thankful for parents who grew me up in the Lord, so I can grow my own kids knowing Him
-thankful Seth get's to celebrate the real meaning of Easter this year!

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  1. This just might be the happiest "A Thousand Gifts" post ever :)

    I'm so happy for your sweet boy! and for you! ...and I loved every word of your sweet list. Sleep well :)


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