Monday, June 04, 2012

simply. grateful.

the newest, tiniest person at Loving Hearts Babies Home
there are some days. when all you can do is be thankful.  thankful you were born where you were.  thankful you had amazing parents... any parents at all.  thankful for your heartbeat.  thankful for your next breath.  thankful for food on the table.

and healthy children.  yes, those children who are running and yelling and fighting over toys... they can run.  they have voices.  they have toys and someone to fight over them with. 

what are you grateful for?


  1. It takes practise to be consiously greatful for the things we usually take for granted! So we practise :-)

  2. Kelley, I'm smiling at your last line. I, too, often pause in the midst of our crazy, noisy, mud-tracked life and thank God for those feet that can leave dirt on the floor and those voices that can shout (even in frustration) and those bodies that can shake the house with their unbridled energy. It takes practice to see all that as blessing, doesn't it? Of course, there are plenty of days I forget and I just feel tired of the mess and annoyed by the noise. But by God's grace, He's changing me. PTL Thanks for the sweet reminder. Love your grateful heart!


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