Thursday, June 07, 2012

TIA- Driver's Permits!

the many faces of Josh and Kelly...
So, we've been in Uganda now for a year, and our International Driver's Licenses are only good for a year.  We began the process at the end of April.  And we now have Ugandan Driver's Permits (ie: licenses)!  It was a long process, with much driving back and forth to their multiple locations, fees paid, photos taken, numerous copies of passports given, finger prints taken, eye exams done- but we are now proud to say we have our driver's licenses!

There was a bit of a time crunch, as Josh's New Jersey license expired soon... and he could only drive us in Florida (or here) with a Ugandan or New Jersey license.  The New Jersey license got lost in the mail (for months), but finally arrived this Monday... with 4 days to spare!  But we also have our Ugandan licenses so we're okay!  We're official and it feels good.  We belong here.  God is gracious.

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