Thursday, August 09, 2012

TIA: Monday Morning

During our time in Mbarara (and really the entire trip) there was a classic “this is Africa” moment. We had a meeting scheduled for Monday morning with someone helping with a ministry at Mbarara university. Right after breakfast as we were loading the truck we received word that the meeting was cancelled. TIA. We prayed that Jesus would open the door and provide some connections for us, since we had NOTHING else on our radar for that morning.

Billy Coppedge remembered seeing a “Scripture Union” sign as we were driving around the previous day and thought maybe we could just drop in and see what would become of an impromptu visit. Jesus was at work! We drove to the scripture union and pulled into their compound and immediately met a man named Richard. Richard was very welcoming even though he had never met us before. Billy explained why we were in Mbarara (exploring university ministries) and our current situation for the day (meeting fell through) and how we just wanted to stop in and see what they were doing. Richard explained to us that he was currently staying with a guy named Brian who works for FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Union Society). FOCUS ministry is to disciple and train university students! God is so good! Richard gave Brian a call and they invited us to go to Brian’s and discuss each of our ministries and how we can partner together.

In America this situation probably would look a lot different, but here in Africa I find that the nationals are always more than willing to befriend you and Christians are always excited to talk about ministry opportunities. Only in Africa can a meeting be cancelled and then a new meeting spring up because we invited ourselves into a ministry we just happened to drive by. TIA!

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