Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beginning of the End

We are starting the process of transition... we leave Uganda in less than two months! And while we are looking forward to being in America, we already can't wait to be back.  God is gracious.

We've not passed this way before, and so I am gathering all the resources I can find it make this transition a smooth one.  This is our first furlough- while I am excited to go home, I understand that this probably feels more like home to our boys than America does.  So we tread lightly.  We seek Jesus often.  We grieve the loss of places and people and foods.  And we look forward to seeing friends and family and supporters in America.  And we make lots of lists!

If you are a missionary hunting for resources on transition, furlough, packing here are some great links for you!

And a free gift from me to you!

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