Monday, September 30, 2013

Preparing for the Road Ahead

We are packing and prepping for a 6-week road trip.  The details are many.  The bags bulge.  My mind swirls with lists and maps.  And words want to tumble out as I prepare to write for 31 days on the Road.  Who ever thought writing while road-tripping was a good idea?  I'm hoping it's His idea.  And that there will be many blessed by these offerings. Follow the series here #31days!

So, before we travel onward, I glance back at the ways He has blessed this week- so we can travel forward confident of His goodness:

7425.  friends. here.
7426.  crisp night for a bonfire.
7427.  s'mores oozing sweetness.
7428.  laughs around the fire.
7429.  happy boys
7430.  scent of smoke in his hair

7431.  morning cup. steaming.
7432.  silence in the house.
7433.  cozy sweatpants.
7434.  Word open. You speaking.
7435.  gratitude... like riding a bike...
7436.  an empty day on the calendar.
7437.  finding the perfect gift.
7438.  heart friends. no matter the continent.

7439.  Your truth that praise is a powerful weapon! 
7440.  Who You are.  10,000 reasons for my heart to sing!

7441.  hundreds. thousands. these words of thanks.
7442.  how they shape a life.
7443.  this habit... like coming home.
7444.  giving me eyes to see.
7445.  August 2009-September 2013... four years of counting.
7446.  thus far the Lord has helped me!


  1. i just wrote for 6 weeks on the road... well... except for the couple of days we were in yellowstone without internet access. it is doable and sometimes was a sanity saver.

    hope to be able to follow you!

  2. Kelly thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys. I absolutely love your picture of your gratitude journal. Something about it all being handwritten is beautiful!


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